Kate Arrow: Deserted Wood

Kate Arrow: Deserted Wood 1.3

Return a valuable idol to a tribe in Kate Arrow Deserted Wood!
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Kate Arrow: Deserted Wood is a hidden-object game that follows the adventures of a girl in search of an ancient tribe. The game features the typical HOG gameplay, with puzzles and mini games of all types, plus an engaging story that is revealed as you move on.

Kate wakes up somewhere in the middle of a jungle, not really knowing what she's doing there or how she ended up in that place. To find it out, you will have to complete a series of hidden-object scenes that take you to the very beginning of Kates' adventure, in order to reconstruct the story. The game tells the story in flashback, and takes you back in time to Kate's house, where it all starts. There in the house, Kate's grandfather gives her a task: find an idol belonging to an ancient tribe that once saved his life. With that objective in mind, you will have to explore the different rooms in the house locating the objects on a list, while solving situations that will give you clues to finding the idol.

By solving a hidden-object scene you will get items for your inventory, which you have to use or combine to accomplish the goals each level presents, and advance in the game. To help you find objects easier and even guide you in some instances of the story, there is a hint button that you can click to get some help. This is basically the mechanism along the game. The fact that you can freely walk through the different locations is a great feature; if you get tired of a scene, you can get out and explore other areas to try to solve other puzzles.

The game offers a relaxing gameplay without timers or penalties of any sort. It has great graphics and animations, plus a soothing music that accompanies the game perfectly. It is, however, its solid storyline what makes it a fun and addictive game to play.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Great story
  • Nice graphics and soundtrack
  • Clever mini games
  • Relaxing gameplay


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